विडमेट ऐप डाउनलोड 2018 – विडमेट ऐप 2018 Old Version


विडमेट ऐप 2018: Long gone are the times, when you have to wait for long hours to download a single song from the internet. Out of the 10, 8 people spend 4 to 5 hours on the internet to find something that will download content in just a few mins. The world’s best video hosting site, YouTube, tends to provide a vast range of video content to its users but restricts its users from downloading that content, under some specific strict privacy settings. It allows its users to download some of the content. To make the video downloading experience richer. App creators created a new revolution of downloading विडमेट ऐप 2018

About विडमेट

विडमेट ऐप 2018 is one of the most popular video downloading platforms, which tends to perform a great number of features other than downloading. It allows its users to download media from various video-hosting sites including Daily Motion, Metacafe, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And with the VidMate app somehow you can turn impossible into possible by downloading media from YouTube. Not only you can choose from various media platforms but you can also choose your preferred format and resolutions of the content you are downloading, You can choose from Low Quality to HD, from 360p to 1080p. With the fastest downloading it promises to provide the best it can.

The application itself is in apk format, which tends to provide much more space in your devices which can make a surplus space for an unlimited amount of media in your storage. The media downloading is as easy as it seems. With just a tap, you can download an unlimited amount of content within a blink of an eye. With VidMet, there are no restrictions on the size of the content you are downloading. VidMate Online tends to provide just a little more than just downloading media. With VidMate, you can stream live TV with your favorite TV shows; now never miss a show or a match with विडमेट ऐप 2018. With the well-categorised interface, it allows one-step downloading. With a tweak of seconds, you can download your media even from YouTube’s default application.

विडमेट acts as a true mate when it comes to providing an unlimited amount of features. It is not just only a media downloader but it allows its users to play media in the application itself. With the watch later feature and securing your personal media with passcodes, Vidmat is everything you can ask for even a little more.

Features of विडमेट ऐप

Rather than being a downloader, it tends to provide a lot more than just downloading. With features like nothing else. Vidmate is loved and popularised by its users.

    • The choice between various media platforms.
    • The choice between various qualities, formats, and resolutions
    • Lighting fast downloading
  • Application in APK form
  • Live Tv streaming
  • Secure your personal content with passcodes
  • Default media player
  • One-step downloading even from YouTube’s default application
  • Multiple downloading
  • Play and pause downloading

Advantages and Disadvantages of विडमेट 2018

VidMate: This popular and ultimate experience of video downloading is brought to you by U.C MOBILE & CO. which offers you an unforgettable experience without costing any penny. Not just free of cost it is very small in size which does not occupy much space in your storage.

Being in APK format, it is a 3rd party application that cannot prove to be unauthenticated to some of the users. But as it is provided by one of the well-known companies, it does not bring malware along with it.

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