VidMate HD Video Downloader – Download VidMate APK 2023


Name VidMate
App Type Video Downloader
Price Freeware
Size 20 MB+
Total Downloads 500 million+
Requirement Android 4.0 and higher
Developer VidMate Studio


VidMate HD Video Downloader is an Android application with the help of which any Audio Video, Song, or Movie is downloaded and converted. Through Vidmate, you can watch any social media video by downloading it on your phone. With the help of the Vidmate App, you can download videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Youtube, and all these social media platforms.

In today’s time, the VidMate HD Video Downloader application has become very popular for downloading songs or movies. If you are listening to any song or watching any movie on YouTube and you have liked any song or movie and you want to download it to your storage, then you will have to resort to the Vidmat application, You can watch any YouTube video. You can download by sharing on Vidmate APK, you can download any video on Youtube. There is only one application to download YouTube videos and that is “Vidmate” and there is no other application so that you can download YouTube videos in your Storage.

Most the people use VidMate HD Video Downloader application only to save any Video Song or Movie in their storage. The reason for VidMate application being popularity is its features, This application such features that you can download any YouTube video by converting it to MP3 and you can download YouTube video with the help of VidMate APK in any quality (144p, Can download in 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 1920p, MP3, MP4A).

How to download the VidMate application

If you also want to download any video or song from Social Media or YouTube, then you should install the Vidmate application on your phone, only then you can download any video from Social Media. Now we will know how to download the Vidmat application.

Features:- VidMate HD Video Downloader

Through this Features option of Vidmat, you can watch any Social media video or download it in any quality and save it in your Storage.

Video:- VidMate HD Video Downloader

By going to the Video option of the VidMate application, you can see any trending Video Song or Movie and can download and share it in any quality.


Anyone can watch Hindi, Bhojpuri, South Indian, and Hollywood movies by going to the Movie option of the VidMate application and can also download them. Here all types of old and new movies can be seen in all languages. If any movie is released, then you get to see that movie here and you can also download it.


You can listen to any Hindi and Romantic songs in MP3 by going to the Music option of the Vidmat application and you can also download any songs. You can listen to all types of New and Old Songs, Bhakti Songs, New Movie songs, and Songs of all Singers in the Music option.

TV Shows:-

By going to the TVShow option of the Vidmate Application, you can watch all the TV shows and serials of India for free. Here you will get to see all kinds of serials and TV shows.


You can download any Android Application and Games by going to VIDMATE’s APP option. And you can use those applications by installing them on your phone.

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