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Youtube Monetisation

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In today’s post, we will discuss the latest update in YouTube monetisation specifically for gamers.

The YouTube creators channel recently revealed a new policy: disabling or demonetising channels and videos that contain offensive or inappropriate language.

So, let’s delve into the details of this policy update.

What is the latest YouTube monetisation update for gamers?

In the recent monetisation update, YouTube explicitly stated that gaming channels or videos using offensive language will have their monetisation disabled.

This update has already been announced previously, but it has now been approved and implemented.

Why has YouTube implemented this policy?

Let’s gain a better understanding of the reasons behind this policy.

YouTube earns a significant portion of its revenue from advertisements, and advertisers want their ads to reach an audience that is likely to take action after viewing them.

However, if ads are running on channels that are not considered advertiser-friendly, both advertisers and YouTube suffer losses.

Therefore, YouTube updated its monetisation policy for gamers, as gamers often use offensive language while playing.

If you are a gamer, it is now crucial to create videos without any offensive language or inappropriate words.

Not only that, videos featuring cringe content or thumbnails containing offensive or inappropriate words may also be demonetised.

However, a significant number of viewers in the gaming industry enjoy gameplay with offensive language.

If this policy is implemented strictly, YouTube may experience a drop in audience retention, as the content may no longer be entertaining for viewers.

Therefore, YouTube needs to strike a balance in satisfying advertisers while ensuring the satisfaction of both creators and viewers to prevent them from leaving the platform.

If creators and viewers leave YouTube, there won’t be any value in satisfying advertisers.


According to this new YouTube monetisation update for gamers, YouTube needs to intelligently satisfy the viewers, creators, and advertisers, as these three aspects are the foundation of its success as a billion-dollar company.

Any impact on any of these pillars would have significant consequences for YouTube.

If any of these 3 aspects are affected, YouTube will face substantial challenges.

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